MOUNTAIN BIKING in East Scotland
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Glen Finlet
Orange Route: 16 kms approx    
Glen Finlet is one of the minor Angus Glens, off Glen Isla. It can be used to connect Glen Isla to Glen Prosen for an epic 31 mile ride, returning to the car park via Glen Uig and Glen Quharity The route described here explores just Glen Finlet itself, an area of forestry plantation with the familiar wide tracks. Once in the forest, this could be one of any number of similar plantations in eastern Scotland (Drumtochty, Griffin Forest, Blackcraig Forest, Craigvinean Forest etc) and features the usual strenuous climb and rewarding fast downhill return.


At the official car park marked on the map.


Moderate - no real technical challenge other than the final stretch of path at the top of the glen which is damp and grassy, but good fitness is required as the cycling is on a hillside.


Route description:

The steepest part of the route is at the start on the climb past Loch Shandra. Navigation is fairly straightforward, with expection of the crossroads at the north of Craigie Law, where care needs to be taken to take the correct track. After this you also need to be sure to take the correct left turn to climb the length of the glen. This is a good landrover track, but eventually enters the forest via a narrow, grassy and damp path. As you'll be returning this way unless you are heading for Glen Prosen, this final section is optional. It takes you to a secluded stream in the woods - a good place for a rest and refreshments if it is free of midges.


Be prepared for midges at the car park, especially on an evening trip.