MOUNTAIN BIKING in East Scotland
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Devilla Forest
Orange Route: 13 kms approx    
Devilla Forest is a small plantation with some more natural areas, and plenty of interesting historical features, lochans and hidden corners. Prehistoric coffins, stone circles and Roman urns have been found in different parts of the forest. It is an excellent beginners route, very suitable for families, as it has the feel of exploring the wildnerness but few gradients or hazards.


At the official car park marked on the map.


Easy, see comments above.

Route description:

The route shown is more of an exploration of the more interesting parts of the forest than anything - feel free to make up tour own route. All of the lochans are excellent picnic spots. See total cycling for descriptions of some designated routes.


At the right time of year, Devilla Forest can feature a spectacular array of fungi, from Amethyst Deceivers to Fly Agarics and hundreds of others. Birdlife includes herons and crossbills, and wildlife includes red squirrels. There have also been rumours of elusive Big Cats. If they do exist, they are so elusive that they shouldn't affect your plans!