MOUNTAIN BIKING in East Scotland
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Drumtochty Forest
Orange Route: 17 kms approx    
Drumtochty Forest is one of the large, mundane plantations that aren't particularly interesting hiking routes, so they put cycle routes there. That's not to say that the cycle routes are necessarily boring, and Drumtochty does have charisma. There is a wide range of gradients, with long climbs and fast descents, as the wide tracks loop around the hills with the occasional glimpse of a view of the surrounding countryside.

See GableEnders route description by Colin Duncan for more details.

Note that Fettereso Forest connects to Drumtochty Forest, to the north, providing even more options.


At the official car park marked on the map.


Moderate - no real technical challenge but good fitness is required. And make sure your brakes are in good working order!

Route description:

The route starts with a long climb, before levelling off and becoming undulating. Navigation is fairly straightforward, consisting of following wide landrover tracks. The forest is large however, so care is needed at junctions to avoid lengthy accidental detours.


During one visit, we heard a sound in the fog that sounded for all the world like a steam train in the forest. It turned out to be a herd of bison in an adjacent field belonging to the castle, attempting to obey their migration instinct and ending up running in circles round the perimeter!

There are some tracks in the forest subject to optical illusion, with pedalling required to go downhill, and freewheeling possible uphill!

One of Scotland's notable trees, the Drumtochty Sitka, can be found at the car park.

Be sure to check out the interesting St Palladius' Church a mile east down the road from the car park.