MOUNTAIN BIKING in East Scotland
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Pitmedden Forest
Orange Route: 14 kms approx                                                                                                              Yellow Route: 7kms approx
Pitmedden Forest is draped across a couple of hilltops, with a nice open feel and some great views across Fife to the Lomond Hills, and down to the River Tay from Pitcairlie Hill.


There is informal parking at the two locations marked. One involves driving up into the forest on a dusty and slightly bumpy track..


Moderate - there are some fairly steep climbs.

Route description:

The orange route meanders and loops around the main tracks, but there are many narrow tracks through the trees to explore that make for more interesting cycling and more technical challenges. The yellow route forms a bigger loop via some little-used country roads

The loop south east from Pitcairlie Hill to Raemore/Colzie Hill is not as easy as it looks on the map - it can be quite overgrown (with plenty of ticks too) and tricky to cycle.


There may be access restrictions from mid-summer onwards due the the nearby sea eagle re-introduction project. This is a great choice for a springtime ride.

The forest is dotted with small ponds, some of which are home to the protected great-crested newt..

Aside from the newts, wildlife includes crossbills, cuckoos, buzzards, stoats, dragonflies and bats.

The fact that part the forest tracks are open to vehicles means that you can get quad bikers or amateur rally drivers on the track from Dumbarrow Hill to Newhill some evenings.