MOUNTAIN BIKING in East Scotland
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Loch Pattack
Green Route: 32 kms approx
Loch Pattack is reached from Dalwhinnie, after a fairly gentle ride alongside Loch Ericht. This is classic Scottish highland country; Dalwhinnie has a distillery and youíll probably see munro baggers cycling the first leg of a climb up one of the high peaks on the area. Loch Pattack nestles at the foot of some of these. There are certainly opportunities to extend this route in any of several directions - the tracks Iíve marked just show the ones that Iíve done personally.


Near the station in Dalwhinnie.


Some moderate inclines, but this route is mainly about the scenery. There is a splash through a shingly ford or a wobbly walk over a suspended bridge at Loch Pattack itself.

Route description:

Navigation is very simple - follow the north bank of Loch Ericht until you reach the track up to Loch Pattack. You have a choice what to do once you reach the Loch, but all routes return the same way..


You need to through some gates on the Loch Ericht track. If the way seems barred, look for a side gate.

You can cycle further up Loch Ericht if you prefer, but be aware that the going gradually gets rougher. Extending the route on the good tracks beyond Loch Pattack would be my choice.