MOUNTAIN BIKING in East Scotland
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Loch Ore to Loch Glow
Green Route: 19 kms approx
This route is a relatively easy-going ride through a country park and Blairadam Forest, with short stretches on a main road.The highlights are the small lochs at either end, Loch Ore and Loch Glow, both of which are good picnic spots.  


Parking is at the east end of Loch Ore, in one of the official country park car parks.


This route is easy for a mountain bike route, so long as the distance is within your capabilities, being mostly flat and on tarmac surfaces and forestry tracks.

Route description:

After a very relaxed start trundling around Loch Ore (please be considerate to other users of the park, or even go back and use the main, straight track set back to the north of the loch if it the lochside is crowded), the route heads out towards Blairadam Forest, a well known local mountain biking spot. Turn right at the B996, which can have fast traffic on it, and turn left after a few minutes, heading up the slope to underpass under the M90. The route through the forest heads directly west, with a short detour to allow the quick scramble up Cowden Hill to admire the view back to Loch Leven and the Lomond Hills, if desired. The track then continues west to the minor road south through the forest, and a right turn takes you down to the scenic Loch Ore, set in low hills. The return requires rejoining the road and heading south to then cut east back through the forest. There is an enjoyable winding stretch of side track as you approach the M90 again, but if you miss the turn off for it youíll still end up in the right place - another underpass which takes you back out to the B996 via Keltybridge (if you reach Kelty, you missed a left turn). You can turn left when you meet the B996, and enter the country park the way you came, but the route Iíve marked involves a right turn, and a different entrance to the park, joining the outward route closer to Loch Ore.


You might chance across a couple of spots that local riders use to test their skills, such as bomb holes. An interesting diversion if you want to give them a try!