MOUNTAIN BIKING in East Scotland
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Glen Tanar
Orange Route: 17 kms approx    
As with Glen Derry, the tracks marked here are just an introduction to an area with much more potential for longer rides. Many wide landrover tracks head into the mountains, passing through some ancient Caledonian woodland. These are rides for endurance and fantastic upland scenery rather than technical challenge.


At the official car park marked on the map.


Moderate - no real technical challenge but good fitness is required.

Route description:

The route marked consists of a ride up through the forest of Glentanar, a National Nature Reserve, offering great views of the surrounding mountains and returning by a riverside track. At the furthest point the route reaches the edge of the forest, offering a tantalising glimpse of the track heading off into the hills, and you may well want to venture much further. Just keep an eye on the contour lines on the map when planning a longer expedition here for the first time.

See these routes on the site for longer excursions: Glen Tanar Circular   Glen Tanar Etnach.


Because the tracks are straightforward to traverse you can easily reach fairly remote country where an accident or mechanical catastrophe could leave you with a very long walk home, so you should have a contingency plan for emergencies.