MOUNTAIN BIKING in East Scotland
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Barry Links
Green Route: 11 kms approx
Barry links is about as tame as you can get for Ďmountainí biking, being almost entirely flat and mostly on smooth tarmac. Speed humps are the major technical challenge! The place has a unique ambience though, being by the sea amongst the dunes. The distinctive feature is that it is an MOD firing range, with the occasional burnt out armoured car, a miniature railway (for providing moving targets?) and spent (hopefully) bullets and shells embedded in the sand. Once we even watched paratroopers descending in the sunset from a Hercules aircraft in the sunset.

This is a place for a summer eveningís relaxation rather than a challenge. There is one problem: the site is closed for public access when the red flags are flying and the firing range is in use. Follow the link above for a phone number for enquiring about access. My impression is that evenings and Sundays are usually clear, but you need to check unless you just want to turn up and take a chance, and maybe head for Tents Muir instead if Barry links is closed.


There is a large car park near the campsite and football pitch. Turn left immediately after passing under the railway bridge (see map).



Route description:

There are many tarmac tracks to explore - no need to stick to the ones Iíve marked, but be prepared to get temporarily lost from time to time if you donít keep a close eye on the map.  For obvious safety reasons, donít stray from the paths or interfere with any buildings or objects you might encounter.


Watch out for wayward golf balls when you are next to the golf course.

Access to the beach is available near the lighthouses, and at the eastern end of the route marked.